Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In the Flow

I had the day off yesterday thanks to Christmas falling on the weekend, and I made the most of it. No, I didn't take a nap, though I was sorely tempted. No, I didn't exercise, although I really should have considering the amount of cookies I shoved down my throat over the weekend.

What I did do, however, was write.

Over the course of the afternoon and into the evening (with periodic breaks, some of them lasting an hour or more), I managed to write over 3,000 words. I even had an editor helping me out (see proof below), so I know they were good words. LOL

Kathryn wearing her editor's cap.
At one point in the evening, I was about ready to stop for the night since it was after 10 p.m. But something urged me on and I kept going. When I finally looked at the clock, 40 minutes had passed. I was in the flow. I love it when that happens!


  1. Yay! Congrats! Don't you love it when your hands are flying over the keys so easily time doesn't exist?

    If only it were always that way :)

  2. Once you've found it, you'll always know where to go back to... http://In-The-Flow.com

  3. Now that's a great feeling! May it be a harbinger of words for 2012. :)))

  4. I was just thinking about the creative process. Sometimes it's more of a chore-we want to write, or sew or whatever, but it is not fun or relaxing. What we create may still be good, but it seems more like a chore to have done it. And other times, it's just like what happened here Melissa. I just spent two days creating a bag, and it was sheer pleasure for me. I enjoyed the process of creating as it happened, and the time flew by! I love when that happens!

    I'm so happy for your productive writing day, and I'm glad your editor was there to help:)


  5. Oh yes, I love those -in the flow 3000 words days! I love your editor, too!

  6. Well done you - I love it too when it flows. Nothing like it!


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