Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Happy Place

Where do you go to recharge?

I have a few places. One, the lake by my house. I love to take a walk along the path near the lake and watch the ducks and geese, listen to the birds, smell the flowers and grass and trees. It puts me back in touch with God and centers me.

Two, my house. I light candles, turn on some Benny Goodman or Frank Sinatra, settle on the couch with some dark chocolate and a good book or a magazine, and forget about the world.



  1. The beach. It's only a ten minute walk, but you can also cycle to a farther away one if you need to really "escape."
    I also go to my bedroom and clean it. It calms me (and it always needs tidied too).
    Mostly I just get out of the house. It's so small and crammed with stuff that it can be oppressive, especially if all three of the family are home.

  2. It's been a while but I love the new blog title!

    My happy place is snuggled in the nook of my sectional, with a blanket and great book. All three combine for a energy charge to write, write, write!

  3. When I lived in Oregon, I had two spots: a small cafe in Newport watching storms roll over the ocean, and a bench in the Japanese Gardens in Portland. Since the move to the desert, those special places have become far more difficult to come by. The closest I've found here is standing knee-deep in the Carson River with fly rod in hand.

  4. Aoife - I need to ask you how you pronounce your name. Is it Irish? It's beautiful!

    Tamika - We are alike in that way - we can find our sanctuary within our own home!

    Rick - You need to find another "happy place" again. :-)

  5. Right now I go to my patio. It looks out over our private lawn and the wildlife that run around there.

  6. Yes, it is Irish, it's pronounced E-Fa, though some Aoifes like it pronounced E-fe, and others spell it Aoifa.
    My parents chose it to give me some reminder of my Irish heritage, living in America. I had only met two other Aoifes until we moved to Ireland, then of course, I met loads.
    My mum likes to remember a time we were in a shop here and someone was calling to their daughter and I turned my head. Then I realised someone else had the name Aoife, and I turned to my mum with a totally incredulous and ecstatic look.
    It used to be if someone asked how to spell my name I would say a-o-i...but now I say t-r-o...
    It feels so wonderful to have people pronounce my name right and to no longer be mistaken for a boy. My doctors and teachers used to keep notes next to my name with how to pronounce it, but no longer!
    It's a wonderfully liberating feeling.

  7. I like to sit down in the dinning room with a nice cup of coffee and play what if with a pen in hand. LOVE that.

  8. Terri - I love to watch the wildlife. It really reconnects me with the Lord. :-)

    Aoife - It's a beautiful name! You should write a story about it or even a personal essay. :-)

    T.Anne - That sounds intriguing! Do you come up with good ideas?

  9. My places look an awful lot like your places! A good book and relaxing music are always on the list.

  10. I would say the beach - but I live too far away from it now.
    My special places are the hills surrounding my home. I love to escape with the dogs. Just perfect.

  11. 1. Starbucks or any coffee shop

    2. Ralph's house in Hawaii. Even though I can't go, I just sit and dream of it. Paradise.

  12. Jill - Amen!

    Shirley - It sounds lovely. :-)

    Heather - I hope to get there (Hawaii) someday!

  13. I love walking along one of the nearby beaches, or sitting quietly in my shed, bliss.

  14. Debs - Your shed sounds like such a comforting spot. I want one, too! :-)

  15. Anyplace I can sit with a good book.


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