Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do You Dream?

Ever since I can remember, I've had extremely vivid dreams. They are so vivid, in fact, that there are times I can't remember if something was a dream or actual reality. That's a bit scary.

Lately I've been dreaming of being back in college. I usually have missed the entire semester, and have only a few days or sometimes, even one hour before class to finish an assignment or study for a big test. I also have dreams where I know perfectly well that I have two degrees, but since I have nothing better to do, I decide to go back to college and get another degree.

I think these recent dreams - and they've been nearly every night lately - have something to do with my writing. I feel an urgency to get my novel published, and I think that is coming through in my dreams. I'd dearly love to talk to a dream psychologist about them and figure it out.

The only problem? I wake up from these vivid dreams feeling exhausted - and that's not good.

But I find the process endlessly fascinating. People I haven't thought about in years will sometimes pop into my dreams. Other times, small things I did during the day will appear in them.

Do you dream?


  1. Fascinating! Yes, I dream a lot, and quite vividly, and I know what you mean about it being hard to tell them from reality sometimes. Mine are often action dreams, though. Bad guys/good guys/weapons/chases. Or very bizarre locales. Last night had this elevator that was the entire lobby of the building. It went up and down along with the elevators, but you couldn't get to your floor until you actually got into the genuine elevator and passed through its far doors. Weird.

  2. I dream a lot too, mostly vividly. I think it might be a writing thing? Last night I was in a country estate and was getting annoyed at all the 1962 cars, as it was supposed to be 1957. I told someone to get rid of them and get older looking ones because they looked too modern.
    My dreams never seem to make sense. It would really cool to talk to a dream psychologist though :)

  3. I do dream a lot and they're very vivid. Most of the time I thoroughly enjoy them, but occasionally, when I have an unsettling dream, it can stay with me for most of the day.

  4. I have vivid dreams, too. I can still remember in detail some dreams I've had years and years ago. I've also had "series" dreams...the one I have most frequently is dreaming I've signed up for a full slate of classes. Each night, I dream I'm further into the semester and I keep thinking I'll be able to make up the work I somehow haven't done...the last dream is always the "exam" dream, when I'm faced with the final and I don't know any of the answers. Then the dream series stops.


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