Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One More Day...

I need one more day off during the normal work-week. Just one day.


Despite having no extracurricular activities and no television to waste hours in front of, I still do not have enough time to get done all that I need to get done. Thus, an extra day, in addition to my two weekend-days, would be greatly appreciated. Raise your hand if you're willing to convince my boss to let me have a paid day off every week without using a vacation day!

Joking aside, I really am searching for more ways to squeeze every minute out of the day. My day goes something like this. Get up, get ready, take my daughter to school, go to work from 8-5. After work, go exercise. Pick up my daughter from daycare. Get home. Fix supper. Eat. Spend time with my daughter. Do dishes and any other household chores. Then settle on the couch with my books. And lately, here's where the trouble starts.

I have a novel I'm reading. A non-fiction book that doubles as research for my novel (which also requires taking notes). A book that helps me with the craft of writing (also requiring notes). I'm also studying the book of Galatians from the Bible. I then have a discussion on the Bible study on the phone with a friend. Then there's that whole writing-the-novel task.

How in the world am I supposed to fit all this in to the precious few hours I have after work?
  • I can't stay up later. By 10 p.m. anymore, I'm done. So that's out.

  • I can't quit exercising. That's out.

  • I refuse to not spend quality time with my daughter. Definitely out.
So what is a gal to do?

Ration my time.

Each book will get approximately 30 minutes. Now I can cut back on the novel-reading while I'm deep into research, so that time I can add to my writing. I want to have at least one good hour of writing time. If I'm really into it, I can easily punch out 1,000 words and possibly more in that hour.

Starting tonight, I plan to implement this new schedule. I'm sure there will be times it won't exactly
work, but if I can at least attempt to make progress on each thing I'm working on, I will (hopefully) dispell the panicky feeling I've been experiencing lately (as in, I have too much to read and not enough time!!!).

Now here will be the tricky part
: actually stopping after 30 minutes with each book.

Think I can do it? Tune in for updates!


  1. I think you picked the perfect solution! Be sure and let us know how it goes.

  2. Get up earlier? Half an hour would help. Spring is coming, so it's lighter in the morning.

  3. L.T. - We shall see! :-)

    Oh Fran, if only I could do this...unfortunately, I am NOT an early morning person. I would rather stay up an hour later, in fact. Now it seems like I can't get enough sleep as it is!

  4. Your priorities sound in line to me! I believe you can do it Melissa!

  5. Good luck to you. No need to panic; looks like you've got it all under control. : )

  6. Rebecca - Here's hoping! :-)

  7. It's a good place to start! I only wish I wrote as fast as you do :)

  8. It's quite scary that you have no television, which eats into most people's days, and yet you still need that extra day.

    I'd say get up 30 minutes earlier or go to bed 30 minutes later, but you've already ruled both of those out. I'd also suggest writing in your lunch break - surely you get a lunch break? I'd suggest, too, only reading a book before you write if it's research, otherwise read a book after you write, maybe at that 10pm time when you're done, as a treat for getting the writing bit done.

    Good luck.

  9. Christine - Some days it goes faster than others. :-)

    Randy - Thank you!

    Diane - I have been bringing things to work on over my lunch break and I noticed yesterday that it did help quite a bit. So hopefully I can keep that up, too!


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