Saturday, February 20, 2010

Before and After

Before: ugly blue couches. Free. Been in a bachelor pad before they were in my house. Did not complement my decor, but hey, they were free.

After: beautiful, gorgeous Victorian-style couches gifted to me by my aunt, plus two matching lamps. Completely fits my decor. Love it.

Finally, more than a year after moving into my apartment, my living room is finally complete.



  1. I love it too! They look beautiful yet functional. Congrats!

  2. It looks great! I'm very happy for you. =]

  3. I love it when a new look comes together.

  4. I love everything just so too, going to such lengths as covering tattered chairs with blankets--tuck, tuck, tuck--just so it wasn't so jarring.

    Congrats on perfection. : )

  5. Ooh, those couches are lovely! And yes, they are perfect for the room. Congrats! It is wonderful when a room comes together, isn't it?

  6. They transformed the whole room! Lovely.

  7. It's beautiful!! They go perfect with your other furnishings!

  8. That's a great feeling isn't it? And it looks fantastic.


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