Monday, October 26, 2009

My Small Rebellion

I caved.

I got text messaging on my phone.

I am really not sure why, other than it might be handy for the times that someone should text me instead of call. When those moments would be, or who would happen to need to get a hold of me in such moments, is unknown at this time.


Already, I have rebelled against the "norm" of text messaging.

How, you might ask?

Why, simple.

I spell out every word.

Take that, technology!


  1. LOL that's why I don't use it! I hate the way the words R ruined!!

  2. omg, you did cave! The next thing you know, you'll be tweeting ;)

  3. ROFL! Me, too. Can't do chatspeak.

  4. Melissa you are too funny!

    My husband actually caved before I did. Now I must admit, I love it. The writer in cannot substitute words either, but it is great fun.

    Hope you enjoy you rebel!

  5. LOL - good for you!

  6. Hee! Texting can be handy. My family uses it for quicky stuff, ie:
    "dinner's ready." (I live next door to my sister.) However, I admit, my phone is old, and I have to press the number keys multiple times to get to the right letter. I rapidly sacrificed spelling out complete words, much as it hurts because I can't stand cheesy abbreviations. But it simply takes too long to type a message otherwise.

  7. I do that too. I also use proper grammar. It makes me crazy because the "auto speller" tries to mispell for me.

  8. I use correct spelling and punctuation too. In fact, I have been known to reply to a text from my daughter saying I can't understand 'text-speak' and would she like to resend it in English. :o)

    Good for you!

  9. I'd chuckle too, but I don't know what texting is.

  10. I spell out everything properly too, and so do lots of other writing and secretarial friends, anyone that works with words. And those that don't? They're starting to when they reply to me, so it's catching.

  11. Y'know, after sending how many messages, I'm wondering how long I'll actually stick to my guns. I don't have a keyboard on my phone so it takes me awhile to spell everything out!

  12. Takes too long for me (for all the reasons other folks noted) and I hardly use my cell anyway. But most of the people I know love it. So good for you! It's nice having the choice, even if you don't use it a lot.


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