Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Good Cry

So I'm curious. Do you ever feel blue, moody, out of sorts, and a good cry sets everything to rights?

I'm thinking this is more a female trait, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I was feeling pretty blue last night for no good reason and after a good cry, I felt better. Something about releasing those emotions does wonders for me.



  1. Definately.

    It's like a surfeit of emotions that need to be released.

    Glad you're feeling better now.

  2. Um yes...all the time:) I love a good cry as I feel much better afterward. Glad it worked for you!!

  3. I guess I get my tears out when I watch touching movies or tv shows, and sometimes with a really good book. Mostly I try not to dwell on my own junk...maybe for fear that it'd be hard to stop crying once I started. :\

  4. Absolutely! Sometimes us girls just have to have a good cry, whether or not we have an obvious reason.

  5. Catharsis, baby. It's a beautiful thing. I need a good cry now and then to set myself to rights. It's just in my nature too.

  6. I'm glad I'm not alone! ;-)

  7. Elizabeth Parker10:35 PM

    I wish I could cry more often! As a recovering codependent, it's often hard for me to know just what I am feeling. I'm often steeped in denial. You know--"She didn't really mean it." "It's not so bad." "I can get through it." "No big deal."

    I'm working at shortening the time between when something hurtful happens, and when I face my feelings and do something about it. Maybe then I can cry more. Cleansing tears sound like a good thing. :)

  8. Totally, though I have to do it when I'm at home alone or Sean freaks out. He can totally NOT understand how crying actually can make me feel better. Books and tv shows/movies can also help and at least then Sean doesn't get quite so worried, though he doesn't get how I can be so wrapped up in something fictional that it makes me cry (like the M*A*S*H ep when Col Blake dies - I cry every time!!)

  9. I hope it's passed for you. :)

    Sure do. I usually have a monthly emotional patch, when (it seems) nothing goes right, and near everything brings me to tears. Sometimes a good cry is the most healthy thing.


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