Monday, June 13, 2016

Random Thoughts Edition #2698

Ok. So I haven't really had over 2,000 "Random Thoughts" post. Instead, I just picked a random number out of a hat. Because that's what these random posts are all about!


1) Rheumatoid arthritis? Inflammatory polyarthritis? Inflammatory polyarthropathy? Ah, the medical world. I've had two rheumatologists diagnose me with the last two, but they have not yet pulled the trigger on an official "rheumatoid arthritis" diagnosis even though these three things essentially mean the same thing. Oh, there are different types of inflammatory polyarthrisi/arthropathy, and RA is just one of them - but it is the one that my symptoms most closely match. Why won't they give me an official RA diagnosis? That is a darn good question. One is that my bloodwork doesn't show certain results associated with RA. Except...a large chunk of those with RA don't have those markers. The whole thing is driving me crazy. I'm going to my rheumy tomorrow (this is my second rheumy after I had to let the other one go because he was NOT helping me) to talk about all of this mumbo jumbo.

2) Depression. When you have a chronic illness (see above) and can go for a few weeks without having a good day, depression becomes a very real problem. Yesterday, I managed to do some housework and get groceries with my husband, but that was it. I ended up on the couch, watching episodes of Supernatural all afternoon (because Sam and Dean are so hot that it takes your mind off of almost, well, everything). I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to do anything else. It really stunk. I'm feeling better - emotionally - today, and as far as the chronic pain? All I can say is thank you, God, for meds that help make that pain manageable.

3) Oh summer, how you vex me. That's probably one reason I was depressed yesterday. It was 100 degrees Saturday and Sunday and that just made me mad. I cannot enjoy summer when the heat takes your breath away the moment you step outside! Again, I think an isolated place in England or Scotland would do just fine.

4) And speaking of isolated, a lone cottage in the middle of the Highlands would get me away from crazy people. This world is going bonkers. Okay, it's always been bonkers, but social media has highlighted the bonkerness (is that a word?) so much more.

5) My husband is awesome. Some men would have turned tail and ran the moment they found out their wife had a lifelong, debilitating chronic illness. Not mine. It's frustrating for him, yes, but he sticks by me. And he also makes sure I have plenty of chocolate.

6) The new novel is going splendidly - or it was until yesterday when the depression climbed into my head and refused to let me work on it. I mean, I didn't even want to be on the computer at all yesterday. That's pretty unusual for me. But I remain confident that this will be temporary and I'll get back to tormenting my characters. And believe me, these two are tormented.

7) I miss going to Curves. I miss feeling my body grow stronger and leaner. I haven't been physically able to go for several months now, and I actually dropped my membership since I wasn't using it. Maybe I'll get to go back someday...

8) Oooh! It's my birthday Wednesday! And my husband will be home and so will my daughter. We are going to have lunch together at a local Italian restaraunt resteraunt restaurant (I misspelled restaurant at my junior high spelling bee, and it was the word that got me kicked out of the finals! GAH!). Maybe we'll catch an afternoon matinee. Bottom line is: I WON'T BE AT WORK.

9) Through my cousin, I learned about a man from my hometown who served in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, precursor to the CIA) during World War II. He went on missions behind enemy lines. I found his OSS file in the National Archives and I'm ordering it pronto. I cannot wait to see what that file reveals. WW2 espionage and secret missions are my sweet spots when it comes to WW2 history. I love those kinds of stories! Research, here I come!

10) I want a cookie. Like right now. But I don't need a cookie. Lack of exercise due to chronic pain/illness + comfort food to get me through the pain + menopause = weight gain. I'm trying to adjust to this, but if I could lose some weight again, that would be fantastic. And eating cookies doesn't help with that (especially since I had some cookies last night). I need to get back to my "one dessert a week" rule. But chocolate doesn't count in that rule. Ha!

So. Those are my random thoughts for the day.

I'll leave you with this:

I have done this multiple times!


  1. I love updates and even though your life isn't as healthy as you hope it to be, you always amaze me what you do! You sound like you do more than me! I love the history you post on Facebook too. I hope your novel is around the WWI or WWII era. I love novels set then! Hope you finish and submit!!

    1. Hi Terri! My agent is trying to sell my last completed novel (set in WW2!) and I'm currently working on another WW2 novel. :)

  2. Oh, I just love that photo--Looking for Food! It made me smile.

    As a fellow writer with chronic illness/autoimmune disease, I can relate with the bouts of depression and with having an awesome husband too. Although, mine doesn't supply me with chocolate. Kudos to yours! (How'd you train him? Mine has mastered putting down the "seat", so I think it's safe to move on...)

    Sounds like you have wonderful plans for your birthday. I love going to the theaters in the summertime. It's cool and gets your mind off reality for a while. Enjoy!

    Have a happy birthday, Melissa. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and struggles with us.

    1. I'm not sure how I trained him on the chocolate! I think he just knows that life is better all around when his wife has chocolate. Hahaha! I think we may end up going to some antique stores instead of the movies. I looked at the movies playing and am not really interested in any of them. So, antique shopping it is!

  3. I hope you can get an accurate diagnosis soon. And I'm with you, I'm so over this wicked heat. If it's this hot in June, what's it going to be like in July and August? :(

    1. Thanks, Betsy. For all intents and purposes, I have rheumatoid arthritis - but the bloodwork doesn't show it, so now it's "systemic connective tissue disorder, unspecificed" which is the clinical diagnosis. But it doesn't do much to help me figure out how to manage the thing. Doc started me on a new drug, however, and I am hopeful that it will help.


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