Saturday, January 16, 2016

House Hunting Woes

They say what kills you doesn't make you stronger...but I'm beginning to question the validity of that statement!

We're planning to buy a house this year. This isn't only a want, but a need. We're currently renting right now and our landlady simply doesn't wish to invest any more than she needs to in this property. That means the windows are all original (1952!), the basement walls have huge cracks which have led to flooding, and there is mold in the walls.

So not only is this a need on a monetary standpoint (we're losing money on heating bills alone) but from a health standpoint. Mold is never a good thing to live with, and when you have an autoimmune disorder like I do (rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome), it can be downright dangerous.

But we, of course, are not the couple that can simply look at a nice, basic house with a two car garage and call it good. Oh no. That would be too easy! My husband is an auto body guy and is tinkering in the garage more often than he is in the house. So that means we need to find not only a nice house with updated electric, a solid foundation, new windows, etc., but we also need to find a place that has room enough for his projects.

I'd take a cute house like this!
And when you live on a budget, finding those things is downright difficult.

I've looked at houses that fit what I want, but don't fit what he wants. I've found houses that have a mechanic's dream garage, but the house is completely awful. I've found houses that would work, but don't have enough room to build a garage, or are too expensive to budget in the building of said garage. I've found places that would be perfect, but are far too out of our budget. And honestly, I do not want a big house. That's just more to clean! No McMansion for me, thank you very much.

It's enough to make me want to curl into a ball and weep in the corner.

We may end up building what we want - though that might turn into a nightmare in itself! Still, it would be better than our current situation.

If only I'd won that $1.4 billion jackpot, this wouldn't be an issue.... ha!

So if you have any pointers on house hunting, lemme know!


  1. Reading this reminded me of when we were searching for a house. It is a hard job. The only pointer I have is to just keep at it. You will know the right house when it comes along. You might have to compromise on some smaller things but hang on to the big things you need. It will bug you like crazy later on if you don't. I hope you find your perfect house soon :)

    1. We found a wonderful place yesterday, put in an offer, and it was accepted. Hooray! Now comes the hard part: moving. :)

    2. Wonderful news!! All the best with the moving, definetly the hardest part.

  2. I hope you have managed to find your dream home. I know how frustrating it can be renting old properties. I used to live in a house which hadn't been done up since the 70's. It had flowery carpet and wall paper and was very cold and draughty. Good luck with everything in the future. I'm sure you'll get there in the end.

    Elton Rousseau @ Hancock And Partners


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