Monday, May 13, 2013


It was a very, very, very busy weekend.

Two graduations. One hour apart. Different towns. (I only made it to one).

Two receptions, different locations. (I made it to both).

One birthday.

Mother's Day.

And 10 total hours spent in the car driving.

On top of it all, my spring allergies kicked into high gear.

I'm worn out.

Milestones this weekend:

  • My stepson graduated from high school. (I feel old).
  • My niece graduated from high school. (Really old.)
  • My daughter is officially a teenager. (Really, really old).

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Even though you tell yourself you won't cry at the graduation ceremony, when your son comes to give you a rose and hugs you, you'll cry. Guaranteed.
  • It's impossible to eat healthy as there are no healthy food choices offered. I ate pizza and a hot dog and cupcakes and cookies and pasta salad and then birthday cake last night!
  • Sleeping in the car is incredibly difficult if you do not have a proper pillow.
  • Letting hubby drive ensures you will get home faster (but will not always ensure the lack of a speeding ticket...).
  • Too many events in one weekend makes for utter exhaustion 

I survived, though, and all in all, it was a good weekend.

My stepson and I at his graduation. There were only 10 people in his senior class!
Now I need a nap...


  1. Melissa-what a wonderfully happy, busy weekend! And I'd have cried too:)

    1. Oh, just wait until our girls graduate, Valerie. We're going to be a mess! :)

  2. My sister graduated in early May and I totally did this same thing where I said I wouldn't cry and then I totally did. I also did the long drive and exhaustion thing. I'm still trying to recoup! Congratulations on so many milestones lately! :D

    1. It takes a lot of energy, doesn't it? I am really looking forward to this weekend so I can sleep in!

  3. Wow! What a weekend! Sounds great and exhausting.
    My middle child, Jesse, is turning 17 tomorrow, so I'm feeling really, really old too! :)

    1. Oh wow - 17? That IS a milestone!

  4. Melissa that sounds like a heck of a weekend! My youngest brother graduates next weekend and it is a heck of a milestone! The fact that my parents live on a farm in the midst of planting season doesn't necessarily help in getting the house and garage ready for the party...
    Besides these events showing a person how old they are getting it does reiterate the fact that time does fly by! I will suppress any "getting old" anxiety thoughts with cake...LOTS of cake...

    1. LOL. I agree about the cake! Except as I've gotten older, that cake likes to reappear around my midsection. ;-) Congrats to your brother!


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