Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Respite

It's in the low 70s here today.

I am wearing my favorite outfit: jeans, a Victorian blouse, a blue sweater, and my black Oxfords.

Yes, jeans AND a sweater.

I walked downtown to get my lunch and the cool breezes felt heavenly.

Can you say bliss?

The weekend is supposed to bring more of the same, which means I should get a lot of writing done as this is my Optimal Writing Weather.

Hot summer days are probably still ahead - after all, we are in the dog days of summer with August and September, but if we can get these cool days interspersed with the hot ones, I'll be ok. (I think). But if the weather would like to stay this cool until, oh, next June, why, that would be fine with me!


  1. Nice to hear the weather is being kind to you. Sounds like my kind of weather - cool breezes and sweaters.
    Happy writing!

  2. That sounds like beautiful weather! My husband is already counting down until autumn...

  3. Whereas here in Cornwall we're desperate for some hot weather!


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