Friday, June 01, 2012

Jump Start

Did you happen to notice the little picture in my sidebar that says, "Camp NaNoWriMo Participant"?

NaNoWriMo is known in the writing world as National Novel Writing Month. As it always occurs in November and I can never participate because November is one of the worst months of the year for me, I was excited to see they offer a similar event in the summer.

Because as we all know (at least if you've been following my blog since its inception), I hate, despise, and loathe summer. Heat and I do not get along, and when the temps outside get grueling, I head inside into my air-conditioned house and become a hermit.

And, as I finished plotting my novel and am ready to work on it again, Camp NaNo came along at just the right time.

I'm eager to jump in and get going on the novel again after my recuperation from the hysterectomy, the sinus infection I got a week ago, school getting out, and various other activities derailed me from writing.

If Camp NaNo is something you're interested in, check out the site,, and sign up. Or don't and do it on your own terms. ;-) Be a rebel! They're hosting it in June and August.

I don't plan to write 50,000 words (the goal). Instead, I tailor NaNo to my particular needs. And my need is to simply write as much as possible, and not a bunch of goop that I'll have to get rid of with a scythe come editing time.

Want to join me?


  1. Love seeing that badge!! I'll be camping in August, looking very much forward to it! Enjoy yourself, and watch out for mosquitoes... :)))

    1. Hope you have a super productive time in August, Anna!

  2. What a good idea to have another option. All the best with the writing!
    I won't be joining in as such, as the whole rest of this year is going to be devoted to as much writing as this rusty old writer can manage! :)

    1. I am hoping to keep the momentum going through the rest of the year, too. :)

  3. I've never heard of this. Unfortunately summer is the only good weather where I live, so I think I'll stick with the November one.

    1. November works, too! Good luck!


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