Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Randomness

My posts have been quite sporadic lately. I blame...uh...well, I don't really know what to blame it on other than I have become remarkably unfocused the past few months.

So what better way to regain (or lose?) focus than to regale you with more random thoughts.

Gosh. I am so profound lately...

1) As much as I wanted to like Daniel Craig's Cowboys and Aliens, I confess, I was not impressed. The pacing was off and some scenes needed to be cut altogether. Worse, my delectable Daniel (shhh, don't tell my husband I said that...) did not look like he was comfortable in the role. Give me Craig as Bond any day over Craig as Cowboy.

2) After having temperatures hovering in the 50s and 60s (one day we almost hit 70), this Nebraska winter has been mild, which displeases me. I need the snow and cold and gray skies during this time of year. I know, I go against prevailing conventional wisdom here, but I think I have the opposite of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) because I crave gray, cloudy skies and cold. I know I'm not alone in this because the mighty internet has given me reliable information (!) that there are others like me out there. Thankfully, we got snow the other morning (though it's supposed to be 50 on Sunday!).

3) Spotify. I am loving it. It's an online music program that allows you to create your own playlists from just about any music you can think of. I've got '80s and '90s and current stuff, Big Band playlists, Frank Sinatra, classical, and even the soundtrack to Downton Abbey - all free.

4) Pinterest - yes, I succumbed to this online "pinboard" where you can find goodies galore. There were a few days when I found a ton of stuff from my '80s childhood and took a walk down memory lane. Great fun. If you want to join and need an invite, let me know.

5) Girl talk with my daughter is just plain awesome. She is really loving middle school and of course, she's discovered boys. Now is the time for me to plant those seeds in her mind that say, "Only find a boy who respects you" and "Never succumb to a boy who says, 'if you don't do this, I won't like you anymore.' Instead, leave him in the dust." In this day of super sexualization, of media-drenched images of perfect bodies and perfect relationships, parents have a tough job. I pray the Lord will help my daughter and I keep this close relationship because tough years are ahead: teenage years.

6) Writing...writing...writing. I've been working on my edits and loving it. I'm also excited because my article will be out in America in WWII magazine next month. Hurrah!

And now, to round out this random post, a totally random photo of me as Olga, the Russian spy, sent to kill Inspector Clouseau, in our high school play production of The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Loook at those moves! Look at that perfect stance! Look at that trim figure! *sob* Oh, to be 18 again...


  1. Hi, I forgot to tell you earlier that in one of my recent blog posts, I put a link to your WW II blog, encouraging memoir-writers to use your materials for inspiration and significant resources. Here's a link:

  2. I am so missing winter too! Supposedly a storm is heading our way, I do hope it reaches us.

    I've been enjoying girl talk with my youngest; post-high school she's realizing not everything needs to happen TODAY (well, some things but not all things). It's been a joy hearing some wiser words from her!

    I'm in the middle of edits too, giving one story a real raking over hot coals. Congrats on your story!!

    I blame winter, or rather the lack thereof, for all the randomness, as I've felt it too. May we both know some good outside storms in the upcoming weeks! And serenity within our homes and hearts... :)))

  3. Oh how fun that play looks!

    And you're lucky to have such a great relationship with your daughter. Takes a lot of work I'm sure. And as you say, probably a whole bunch more going forward. :)

  4. I love winter too, and we're expecting a dusting of snow tonight, with about 6 inches Saturday ... Hooray! Better late than never.

    And I suspect your relationship with your daughter will continue to be a pleasure for both of you, sailing right through those teenage years with ease :)

  5. We're having our 2nd warm winter in a row. I miss the cold, too, and I hate how we have fleas all year round now! We got a little snow, but it all melted within a day.

  6. I love this idea of randomness, Melissa - I may have to copycat!

  7. Melissa-I can truly say that the middle school/high school teenage years so far with Amy have been absolutely wonderful. I loved her when she was small, of course, but to see our precious girls start to discover the things about themselves that will help define who they are as adults is so exciting!! I'm sad that it means that leaving home is on the horizon for Amy (I'm very sad...), but I'm excited too!

    I love your randomness too, and I'm sending you some virtual cold weather and snow! xx

  8. Thanks, Linda!

    Anna - I think that's it - the lack of winter has put me "off" with my normal routine. It's been colder here and we did get some snow, so I hope that helps me get back into the swing of things.

    Kelley - That play was SO much fun. We had a blast. One of my fondest memories of high school!

    Joanne - Yay! Snow! Enjoy! :-)

    Christine - Well, I can understand how you'd want to have a cold winter just to get rid of the fleas! LOL

    Laurie - Go for it!

  9. I wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens, but it got such bad reviews that I've never seen it.

    As for the girl thing, I've been showing my daughter those videos on how pictures on magazines are photoshopped and that they don't give a realistic view. She still says she wants to be skinny and I try to correct by saying you want to be healthy. I see a battle ahead.

  10. Valerie - Oh, I'm so glad you and Amy have such a wonderful relationship. Hurrah!

    Patti - I just discovered a site called that has an awesome blog with some great videos, etc. I see a backlash against the media and the modeling industry for portraying these "perfect" images of women when we need to learn to love our bodies just the way we are. I'm definitely going to make sure my daughter knows this, too!

  11. Pinterest -- I've tried to resist for so long, but am getting pressure from DD and friends. :) Been blogging only *very* sporatically. So much cool stuff to do, so few hours in a day. :)

  12. A post full of fascinating stuff. I never saw Cowboys and Aliens and dont know that I'll bother now. Never heard of pinterest - must investigate! Thanks Melissa x

  13. Angie - Oh, get on Pinterest! You'll love it!

    Flower - Yes, do try Pinterest! I've had a lot of fun with it.


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