Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Writing, How I Miss Thee...

Let's see...

The last time I looked at my novel-in-progress was March 5.


Moving and preparing for our new home has consumed my life. We've painted, cleaned carpets, done minor renovation work, and even raked leaves (ok, ok, I haven't raked leaves, but my daughter and hubby have) at the new place. We've also managed to move some stuff out of the apartment and into the house. There are curtains to buy, paint colors to pick out (we just have the living room left to paint), and decorating decisions to be made.

In the midst of all this, I'm trying to keep up with my exercise, especially since my eating habits have fallen a bit by the wayside. Convenience meals are really the order of the day since we're so busy shuffling between the apartment and the house.

When I get home at night, I don't have much brain energy left. All I manage to do is surf the 'Net for curtain deals (I am really getting tired of curtains!) or watch a movie. This week's family favorite has been The Pink Panther Strikes Again. We have all the Pink Panther films and love them.

Unfortunately, I haven't been writing.

I'm ok with that for now. After all, in a few short weeks, I will have a brand new office to write in, one tailored to my very own specifications. It will be my haven, my den of creativity. Masterpieces will be produced from within its walls! (Cue dramatic music...)

Seriously, though, it will be absolutely lovely to have my own space. I haven't had that for a long, long time.

I can't wait.


  1. Sounds like you've got some wonderful projects in place :) Best of luck with the writing!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  2. Sweet anticipation ... It'll be so worth the wait once you sit down in that office of yours and the words begin to flow ...

  3. All your moving and sorting will sure to be giving you inspiring thoughts for your book.

  4. A new writing space--that's exciting! :) Something to look forward to during the crazy moving/decorating phase.

  5. Melissa, Once you are all moved in-and settled in that new office of yours-I have a feeling you will write up storm:)

  6. I'm so thrilled your going to have your own writing space! That will never be me. *sadly* I wish!

  7. I don't think I've touched mine in two weeks too! I've been too busy learning a new job and preparing for the conference.
    I bet your office will be so pretty and the whole thing of moving into a house is fun!!

  8. Oh, it will be wonderful for you to have your own writing room. There are always things that take us away from our writing, but creating a writing room is definitely worth the time spent.

  9. We've got books all over the house. Someday I will reorganize them [again!].

    Once on a "fancy home" tour in San Marino, the only books in a very large house were those appearing on "faux library" wall paper. Ouch!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the responses. I'm slowly getting the writing room together and it's TONS of fun!


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