Monday, December 27, 2010


Wow. What a weekend.

Christmas is always fun when you have a billion different places to go in only two days. We went home to western Nebraska again and had a grand time, but this morning, I am just exhausted.

Still, I am very thankful for the time I had spending with my family. We played games, ate lots of yummy food (remind me to get on the treadmill every night this week!), talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company.

I received some lovely Christmas presents, including a very special one from my grandmother: a pair of earrings that my grandfather gave her years and years ago. I'm wearing them now. :-)

How was your Christmas?


  1. Our Christmases are usually small and low key as it's just my parents and husband and I. Sometimes we go to extended family's homes but for the most part it's just the 4 of us. Very relaxing and less stress that way! Glad you had a good Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun! My favourite gift, and one that I had been adamant about receiving above all others, was a book called Abandoned Mansions of Ireland by Tarquin Blake. It's basically photos he took of old country homes (50 of them) across Ireland, and their stories and legends. It has to one of be the saddest books I have ever read. The photos are haunting and the ruins depressingly desolate where once there were housed so many lords and ladies. It exceeded my expectations by far and as a writer and a reader I would recommend it. It is wonderful for inspiration.
    I am planning to blog about it later.

  3. Awe! That sounds like the sweetest gift ever! Glad you had a great weekend!!

  4. What a wonderful gift to have received. I'm glad you had a good Christmas. I'm slowly catching up with all the things I should be doing and will be going to work tomorrow.

  5. Oh, the gift of those special earrings sounds so lovely.

    It was a tough Christmas, but you know, I feel some peace now. I really think this is good.

    Happy New Year, Melissa!

  6. Gingerella - Y'know, small get-togethers wouldn't bother me at all. Still, there's something to be said for meeting our extended family every Christmas Eve at Grandma's house. It's loud and boisterous and full of love!

    Aoife - That book sounds intriguing! I also got a book, Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand. It's a WW2 true story and it is AMAZING so far. I had it on my wish list, too!

    Colene - I was so touched that my grandmother gave me those earrings. I love wearing them. Makes me feel so connected to both of my grandparents (my grandfather died two years ago and I really miss him!).

    Debs - Going back to work is so hard after such a busy weekend. I need a vacation from my vacation!

    Janna - I can just imagine how hard it was for you, but I am glad you are feeling some peace now. Your father was there in spirit.

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely time! And the gift of earrings is amazing. I love family heirlooms, especially when they have such a personal meaning.

    We were low-key. My sweetie had to work, and I was at home finishing revisions. Which I did! :)

  8. Christine - Low-key is on the menu for next year! Well, I can dream that it will be, of course. My mother and mother-in-law wouldn't be too happy with us if we stayed home.


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