Friday, May 25, 2012

Writing Quote

This is perhaps my most favorite writing quote of all time. I love that I can change what I write, smooth it, and polish it until it shines.

It also relieves the pressure of getting it right the first time. That phrase or paragraph that doesn't quite convey what I want it to can easily be changed.

What is your favorite writing quote?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is Blogging Dying?

I admit it. I probably interact on Facebook with friends - writing and otherwise - more than I do on my blog. Why? It's an easier way to communicate. I haven't hit Twitter yet, as I'm not sure I like the format, and I also haven't tried out Tumblr (mostly because I don't understand this micro-blogging phenomenon).

But it got me to wondering: are personal blogs dying? I've posted less and less as the years go by, and that's a far cry from where I started out. I used to post every day. Now I'm lucky to get one a week.

However, I don't want to give it up because I have met so many amazing people through this form of communication. I still enjoy blogging, but now I only do it when I have a good post in mind. Sadly, I have probably lost followers due to my limited posts. But on the other hand, I don't want this blog to become another obligation. My plate is full to the brim with those. I'd rather it be a fun place for me to go when I have something I want to say.

What do you think? Is traditional blogging on the way out? Are you blogging more now than you did when you started, or less? Are there other ways you prefer to connect with people that blogging just doesn't facilitate?

Friday, May 18, 2012

You Know You're A Writer When...

Every day I leave work at 2:30 p.m. to go pick up my daughter. It's a nice time of the day to get out of the office for my "lunch break" and I only have an hour and a half left of work by the time I get back.

It's also a perfect time for me to connect with my writing.

On the drive to my daughter's school, I've thought through plot snags, rearranged scenes in my head, and mused how I can make my characters' lives worse. While waiting at the school, I've made lots of notes and done research for my WIP, madly scribbling away before my daughter arrives.

Yesterday, though, was a new one for me.

After I took my daughter home, I was driving back to work and had some amazing ideas that completely created a new aspect to my novel. The ideas kept coming and as I stopped at the stoplight, I grabbed my notebook and started scribbling.

Then I looked up and realized the light had turned green and I was about to make the drivers behind me very upset.

This happened not once, but twice.


What's your favorite "d'oh!" moment as a writer?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Six Week Milestone

We went to see The Avengers movie for my daughter's b'day on Saturday. It was AWESOME. And so is this picture...
Yesterday was the magic six-week mark since my surgery. They say you will begin to feel back to your old self once this day hits.

And gloriously, they (whoever "they" is) were right.

I felt pretty darn good yesterday. Even though I was still at work, I didn't need my heating pad on my tummy, didn't need to eat copious amounts of chocolate (though I did eat my fair share), and didn't feel the need to crawl into bed and cry.

Of course, I am still dealing with withdrawal symptoms from Vicodin, the pain killer I was on, which isn't any fun. If you've ever heard of or dealt with Restless Leg Syndrome, you will have an idea what I'm going through - except it's not confined to my legs, but my entire body. Thanks, doc, for forgetting to tell me about that.


We are thinking positive here.

Yesterday morning I received proofs for my next article that will be appearing in the magazine, America in WWII and that got me energized more than anything has in the past month. I'm researching two more articles for this magazine and I've had a swell time gathering sources and digging into them.

Last night, my daughter and I took a long, leisurely walk through the park, then I headed upstairs to my lovely office, turned on some good '40s big band music, and started working on my novel. I made a lot of progress (I'm still in the plotting stages) and didn't want to go to bed.

I'd say that's a good thing.

Today I get to visit my doctor to see how my internal stitches are healing, and to see if I can begin exercising again. Crunches have been a no-no (and believe me, there's no way I'd do them at this stage!), but lifting weights would be nice. I put on a few pounds since the surgery, which is no surprise considering I was bedridden and barely moving for a month, but now it's time to start getting rid of them.

So! That's the update from this end. Even though I'm still not 100%, I'm headed that direction!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Bad blogger, bad!

I haven't been by many of your blogs, and I haven't been posting much myself. Which means I must be on hiatus without even realizing it.

I'm back at work. I wish I were back at home. But the bank account dictates where I go, and where I go now is the office. So.

I'm slowly recovering, slowly getting back energy. S-L-O-W-L-Y. This is truly testing my patience. I want to go exercise, go to the zoo and walk around, take a trip. Heck, I just want to walk at my normal pace!

All in time.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Shout-Out: Writer Unboxed

In my last post, I mentioned how the online writing community and blog, Writer Unboxed, has been a great source of encouragement to me in my fiction writing journey.

Not only does it have thoughtful, informative posts, but contributors include published authors, marketers, and even agents who offer their take on how this writing business works.

If you haven't visited Writer Unboxed yet, I highly encourage it. They also have a thriving Facebook community that is full of support. It's a place to ask questions and get terrific feedback.

In Other News...

Today is my last day off from work. Hard to believe more than a month has gone by since I had my surgery and worked at the day job. I could take another month off and be quite happy! While I am still experiencing pain and nowhere near back to normal, the bank account insists I return to work. So high ho, high ho, it's off to work I go on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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