Monday, May 18, 2015

A Sigh of Relief

Oh my. I have been so busy. May has been a month that never quit moving. I had my nephew's graduation to attend, a busy, all-day work event, my daughter's birthday, and then a HUGE two-day work symposium that left me drained and a few pounds heavier (there was SO MUCH FOOD).

Now, though, I'm on the downhill slide. I've got one more scheduled talk this week on my book, Nebraska POW Camps, and then it looks like the summer might be smooth sailing.

Which means I can get back to writing.

AND back to exercising.

I was walking an awful lot the past few weeks, but I'm not seeing much in terms of weight loss. And after this last week where I scarfed a lot of not-good-for-me food (sweets like chocolate mousse cake and chocolate candy and brownies and cupcakes and...and!), the clothes are a little tighter and I'm feeling rundown.

So back to Curves I go.

However, this time, I want the following quote to be at the center of my work-outs:

Yes. I'm deciding to exercise not for weight loss so that I look good, but because I want to be healthier, fitter, and stronger (faster is debatable!).

Right now, I'm basking in the luxuriousness of delving into my novel. I'm doing research while my two cats sleep at the foot of my bed. The stress of the day job has passed for this year (we have an annual symposium that stretches our small staff to our limits), school is nearly over for my daughter, and my schedule is wide open for awhile. I'm excited to really get into my novel and write, write, write!

So yes. I'm breathing a sigh of relief over here that the busyness of May is nearly finished!

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